"Put an Actuary in Your Corner!"
Connection Realty pairs home sellers and buyers across the U.S. with Realtors who will:

1. Compete for value with any other full service Realtor
2. Donate up to 25% to the mission aligned nonprofit that the seller or buyer chooses.
3. Contribute 10+% to Compassionate Citizens Foundation (CCF)

CCF (a 501c3) owns 100% of Connection Realty, and supports high impact organizations that create and empower inclusive "Compassionate Communities", as the template for co-creating a culture of compassion; a wiser democracy; and a triple bottom line economy.

Join our pilot community (or create one in your area):

In 2018, we plan to launch an Illinois B Corp, which will provide Econometric Home Valuation consulting (see below) and generate significant impact investment to fund collective impact initiatives that empower compassionate communities. We are looking for co-founders and impact investors.

If you are selling a home in Chicagoland, we have relationships with Compassionate Realtors who will provide, at no extra cost, the consulting services of company founder Norlyn Dimmitt, FSA (Fellow, Society of Actuaries).
Since 2007, Norlyn has delivered home sellers roughly 3% more in sale price than the other top Realtors in the Greater Fox Valley, using the Econometric Home Valuation model (EHV) that he developed.

Click on the Pricing Process link to learn more about EHV.

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Norlyn Dimmitt
Norlyn Dimmitt
Managing Broker, Realtor, Actuary

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