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Norlyn Dimmitt, Managing Broker (owner from 2002 to March, 2016) 

Norlyn is a social entrepreneur and mathematical innovator who achieved the distinguished FSA designation (Fellow, Society of Actuaries), in 1993.  He brings his extensive knowledge of statistics and economics to bear for every home seller in Chicagoland, combining "precision pricing" with proven negotiating skills to maximize every home seller's expected sold price.   

Among his academic achievements are the Distinguished Cadet award at West Point Military Academy in 1980 (for being in the top 5% of the class), and a University Fellowship to pursue a PhD in Economics, in 1996.

His stated life work is to "Empower a Wiser Democracy" in the U.S.  He believe that it is the highest impact project on Earth, in the project of co-creating an inclusive, compassionate world that works for all.

Marcia Dimmitt, Co-founder, Compassionate Citizens Foundation

Marcia has been Norlyn's wife and inspiration since he first met her on June 12, 1994. 

In late 2015, after her 95 year old father passed away, she graciously created Compassionate Citizens Foundation, from the modest inheritance, deferring her own retirement for several years, in order to contribute to the shared vision that we can help to co-create:

1. an inclusive/compassionate culture; 

2. a wiser democracy; and 

3. a triple-bottom-line economy (where People and Planet are valued above Profit).

She currently works full time at Delnor Hospital.  Her favorite role is "Grandma", doting on five grandchildren (with number six on the way).  She's also a certified Kane County Naturalist, and has a passion for preserving nature.

Howard Pepper, Director of Interfaith Outreach

Howard is the author of Spiritual Grown, with a passion for process theology, evolutionary spirituality, and interfaith dialogue, which he sees as a key to catalyzing the deliberative democracy movement. 

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If you are selling or buying a home, help us build a compassionate world!

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Norlyn Dimmitt
Norlyn Dimmitt
Managing Broker, Realtor, Actuary

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